Tate Langdon, Rubberman.

This is Tate from the first season, a young psychopath that murders people while wearing a rubber suit. My favorite character next to the maid.


Do you believe in magic, and in dreams coming true?


Ferguson Police have dogs and shotguns. The unarmed crowd is raising their hands.

For anyone not following the Mike Brown story on Twitter: a 17 year old black boy named Mike Brown, who was supposed to start college tomorrow, was shot to death in Ferguson, Missouri by police while jaywalking. He was unarmed. He was shot 9 times.

Initial media reports claimed that an 18 year old black man had been shot and killed while fleeing police after shoplifting.

People in the neighborhood, including members of Mike Brown’s family, came out of their homes and began to protest, shouting “no justice, no peace,” and keeping their hands in the air.

Media reports claimed that a violent mob quickly formed around the shooting location shouting “kill the police.”

Spread this. Tell the truth about what happened to this boy. Tell the truth about what is happening NOW. The police and the mainstream media is painting him as a criminal, and his community as a violent mob.

SPREAD THIS. Don’t let them lie.



This made tear up for real.

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you can own the Earth and still all you’ll own is earth,
until you can paint with all the colors of the wind.

Top 5 Disney Prince (as voted by my followers)
↳ 5. Prince Eric - The Little Mermaid (1989)
"Believe me, Grim, when I find the right girl, I’ll know. Without a doubt, it’ll just bam hit me. Like lightening!"

American Horror Story: Freakshow
The Human Mannequin.

The theme — a self-loathing cannibal with a hunger for human faces because he lacks a whole face himself. He suffers constantly from withdrawal symptoms and severe guilt at his lack of self control.

Done by me. ;D Can’t wait for the new season.

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